Thursday, January 20, 2011

Papertrey Ink Giveaway #4: Win some RIBBON!

Thanks so much for playing along with these giveaways! For those stopping by for the first time, I am celebrating my blogiversary by posting several Papertrey Ink giveaways throughout the month of January. Everyone can participate, so if you would like a chance to win, feel free to leave a comment!

I am offering these goodies up today.

A PTI ribbon sampler! The sampler includes a foot of Papertrey Ink ribbon in almost all of the colors and styles, and also includes speciality PTI ribbons and twine for a total of 150 ribbons. This ribbon sampler is great if you want to keep it by your desk for reference or if you'd like to use them up on your projects too.

There are two full sets and I will ship it free to two winners. One winner will be in the US and the other will be International.

Here are the details to enter:

1. Leave a comment saying where your favorite place is in the world and why.

2. Since this is a giveaway for my blog readers, I am asking that you must also be a follower to enter. Just click the "Follow" link to the side, if you are not already a follower. Please let me know if you are already a follower.

3. Also, it is not required, but I would so appreciate if you'd like to spread the word about the giveaway too.

I will announce 2 winners on Thursday, January 27th. That same day I will also post the final giveaway.

Thanks again so much for reading my blog. I've really enjoyed posting these giveaways for you and hope you've had fun playing along!

Have a wonderful and sunny day!


IamDerby said...

holy wow thats a lot of ribbon! how generous of you!

Henriëtte said...

A lot of ribbon and beautiful collors.
My favorite place is at home with my scrap stuff.

Kim O'Connell said...

Oooooh! Look at all that beautiful ribbon! What a generous prize! My favorite place is Jackson Falls in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Every year we have a picnic there and the kids and our dog play in the falls and slide down the rocks. It's beautiful to look at and the sound of the rushing water is equally pretty. Now, if only I could bring my crafting goodies there............

Larisa said...

Very nice ribbons! Thanks for the chance to win)))
1. My favorite place in the world is my home. Because this is the onliest place where I am. I wish I would travel to anywhwere but it is beyond my means. In any way I'll always come back home)))
2. I am a follower.
3. I linked it on sidebar
hugs. Larisa. xxx

Kara said...

another great love to have a sample of all the favorite place to be is at's where i can be the nost "me"!

Kara said...

most...not nost!..:):):)

Stephanie Washburn said...

Oh my goodness- this is probably my favorite of all the giveaways you've done.... I love me some ribbon!

As for your question, I have a strange answer- we've travelled all over the world with the military and I'm happy to say that I wouldn't choose to go anywhere than where I am right now! Home is where I am the MOST comfortable and happy- and home is now North Carolina!

Thanks for the chance to win all this gorgeous ribbon!

Ukka said...

I'm a follower but have now put a link in my sidebar to your candy.
My favorite place is at home with my parents.
I'd love to be in with a chance of winning. Best wishes, Ukka xxx

Kerry said...

Wow! That is a ton of ribbon! I love your blog, and am happy to be a follower!

My favorite place in the world is wherever my fantastic hubby and adorable son are. People are what matter most. But if we could be somewhere where we can see the Empire State Building, well, that would be icing on the cake!

Kay D said...

How gorgeous are these yummy ribbons displayed together like that? PTI ribbon just melts my heart.
This may sound cheesy, but my favorite place in the world is my craft room; it's my sanctuary, my happy place. : )
Thanks for such a great giveaway!

Ольга said...

very glad to take part. did I become a permanent reader, namely 80. it can me will drive?!

Liz said...

What a fabulous giveaway! I love PTI ribbon! My favorite place in the world is a piece of land my dad used to own in southern Ohio...220 acres with woods, fields, creeks, etc. It's so quiet and amazing there!

AuroraDawn said...

Wow! That is a lot ribbon, how generaous of you to share, I struggle to cut it to put on a card or layout!

I love your blog, and am already a follower :O)

My favorite place just has to be where my family are - they always come first in my book, but if we had to be somewhere it would be the Villa in Spain where we take our annual holiday, I think that's OUR favourite place.

Amy Kolling said...

Wow, this is FANTASTIC giveaway!! I <3 PTI ribbon! My favorite place is somewhere warm, preferrably on a Caribbean island beach, sipping a marg! :)

Cathy Weber said...

Wow Monica. This is the BEST giveaway yet. Ribbon is the one PTI item I have almost none of. My favorite place is our cabin in Montana. We only get to go there about 5 times a year, probably why it is so special to me. The scenery there is so beautiful and different from where I live in CA. Thanks for the chance to win the greatest gift.

Emma said...

I would love to be entered please! Thanks so much :) My favourite place is New York. I live in the west of Ireland and the difference is indescribable. It's like two different worlds! The crowds, the lights, the's my dream destination. I've been three times and will continue to go whenever the opportunity arises!

Emma said...

Whoops I forgot to say I am already a follower :)

Amy said...

Another generous giveaway!! My favorite place so far is Brugge - that little town was so much fun and I would love to go back some day!

Jayne said...

WOW!!!!!! I Love PTI ribbon! This is so awesome!! I'm a follower. My favorite place in the world is Capri, Italy. It's just so beautiful and has amazing food.

Stephanie said...

WOW, Monica!!! This is just an amazing prize!

My most favorite place is Fells Point, Maryland. It's been the place that DH and I can go to escape and just have fun. Love the atmosphere and time to get away.

Angela Laurie said...

Wow Happy Blogiversary!! Thanks for the chance to win.

Elle said...

My favorite place in the whole wide world is Home. It is where I am the most comfortable and where my soul is at peace. It also helps that my baby boy (furbaby) Jackson is there and I love spending as much time as possible with him. P.S. I am a follower and i will spread the word. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Renee said...

That is an awesome idea to have for reference!!
Happy Blogiversary!

Rosa Forino said...

Thanks for a chance to win..
saluti dall'italia public slidebar on
i am new follower
Hugs, rosa
blog creative:
My favorite place in the world is paris

Tanyusha said...

Very nice ribbons! Thanks for the chance to win!
1. I don't have one favorite place in the world. There are so many places where I was happy. I like travel anywhwere.
2. I am a follower.
3. I linked it on sidebar

Lola said...

Hi! Great candy!
My favorite place is my house, because inside is my love!!!!
On my blog:
Kisses ^_^

Becky said...

Gosh, aren't those pictures just beautiful... I love seeing all those colors lined up.

Like several others that I see, my favorite place is my home (which, I guess, is not necessarily where I live, since that's a small apartment). It'll be even better once my fiancé and I get married and move in together. :) But I'm totally a homebody, and while I'd like to travel a little someday (like to Ireland), I'll always feel the most comfortable at home! Thanks for the chance at another giveaway (I did try to stay away, so as not to take others' chances, but I couldn't not have a go at that gorgeous ribbon!)

Lilang said...

Nice gift!
Hungary is my favourite place because I live here.

Unknown said...

My favourite place in the world? Home! Is where I love to go back :)
And I've really loved the trip with my mother in the USA!!!
Chiaretta (from Italy)

Mina said...

oh my goodness Im in ribbon fav place in the world, well I have two really either home with all my family or Italy where I always feel at home...thanks for the chance to win these amazing ribbons
Mina xxx

Ганима said...

Wow! A lot of ribbon and beautiful collors! I love them!
Thanks for the chance to win this lovely candy!
I'm a follower of your blog.
I put your link in my sidebar on my blog!
My favorite place is where are my family and my dear friends :)!
Have a great day,

KathR said...

Such beautiful colours and such a fab candy givaway
thanks for a chance to win, and my favourite place in the world....My Back Door Step..... which looks onto the River Clyde in Scotland...My Own Little Piece of Heaven....hugs Kath....

Chiara said...

Thank you for your beautiful giveway :-)
I'm a new follower and my favorite place is near my family and friends... Yes, I know there are so much beautiful places around the world, that it's very difficult to choose one.
ciao ciao

Unknown said...

Как много красивых и замечательных лент! Я буду надеяться на удачу, чтобы стать их обладательницей!

Unknown said...

Мое самое любимое место на Земле-это город,в котором я живу, маленький Очер. Я мало где еще побывала, но всегда с радостью возвращаюсь сюда.

Angela said...

Hy Monica,
wow what a gorgeous candy.My favorite place is near my family and my friends and with my stamps in my craft room.I'll put a link on my sidebar and i'm a new follower.
Many thanks for the chance to win and many greetings

Anonymous said...

Very nice ribbons! Thanks for the chance to win)))
1. My favorite place in the world is Russia, probably because I am a patriot. =)
2. I am a follower.
3. I linked it on sidebar

mariella said...

my havourite place home!!! with my family!
thanks for the chance to win, bye bye!
here is the link at your candy

2crafty said...

I have two Favorite places, my PA home in the woods & my cousins place on Keuka Lake in NY. Mostly because I can create wonderful cards in both places. The company & scenery aren't too shabby either. Thanks for the chance to win some yummy ribbon!

Debbi said...

My fave place in the world is Martha's Vineyard. I went there many times as a child, and it holds so many magical memories for me. It also is surrounded by ocean, which I dearly LOVE (and which I live hundreds of miles from now, sadly).
Thanks for the chance to win!

Катаринка said...

Привет!Может быть , я успею поучаствовать ?Такая заманчивая конфета ! Я обожаю всякие ленты и тесемки,потому что очень люблю шить.
Мое любимое место там,где моя семья.Больше мне ничего не нужно .)))))

Спасибо за шанс !!!!!

Vivi Casale said...

I hope I still have time to participate in this awesome candy! I'm now your follower!!
My favorite place in the world is Florence, Italy! I just fell in love with there on my first visit...
Thanks for the chance!!

Jen Carter said...

Wow!! What a giveaway, I hardly have any PTI ribbon!

I would love to go to Ireland! I have just always loved to see pictures of it and it is always so beautiful! Hopefully one day!

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