Sunday, March 3, 2013

Easter basket treats

Yesterday I shared some bag topper treats and today I've got some easter basket treats I made for my niece and nephew. I've always loved to surprise them with special cards and treats during each holiday when I can.

Here are the baskets.

I used Lawn Fawn's Harold alphabet, to spell out their names.

Just a tip, if you haven't tried them yet, Lawn Fawn has the BEST alphabet stamps. They were designed and cut out in a narrow, rectangle shape, so the letters line up perfectly next to one another. Give them a try if you have a chance, you will love them!

The "You're sweeter than jelly beans" sentiment and jellybeans image are from a My Cute Stamps set.

I can't get enough of these May Arts chevron ribbons too! A Muse sells those, and you can find them many other places as well.

The green baskets were in a bundle at the dollar spot at Target. Gotta love that dollar spot! ;)

Alexander loves his cousins!

Here he is playing and cuddling with cousin Alexa.

And playing ball with Jackson!

That's all for today. Hope you're having a nice, sunny day wherever you may be! :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

To One of My Favorite Peeps!

Hello!! It has been so long since I've updated, and it seemed time to correct that finally with a new post! So sorry it's been so long. Life has been very hectic and overwhelming these past few months, traveling back and forth between Florida and Maryland quite a bit. My grandmother passed away and I was trying to spend as much time with her as I could in the final weeks and days. I'm glad a lot of family could be there to honor her and be there to support her. She has been the best, most kind grandma and I'm so glad to have had her influence and presence in my life.

Alexander is 17 months old now, and running around and getting into everything. In otherwards, a normal toddler! ;) Here's a pic I took a couple days ago. He's ready for his first haircut too, I think! :)

And today I'm sharing with you some Easter treats I made last year. Making treats is one of my favorite crafty things to do. I used some A Muse stamps and inks.

I made the topper using Petite polka dot orange cardstock and the A Muse Studio "For Peeps Sake" stamp set.

And I made a pink version too.
And here are the rest of them!

Only 30 days until Easter! How did that happen so fast? ;) Be back tomorrow with some treat baskets I made for my niece and nephew! The post is all ready to go!

Thanks for stopping by and have a happy and sunny day!! :)
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