Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No. 1: Love

I can think of no better way to begin my first post than with the word love...love for my family, friends, and also love for card making, for the friends I've found through card making, and for Papertrey Ink

I just recently starting playing with this newly released Papertrey Ink stamp set, Tiny Treats. It is a blast to use! So many fun possibilities with this set. Without further ado, here's my first card, Love is in the Air. 

I'm still new to copics, but have to say they are fun to use. I need to practice though! I stamped the fish and then reverse stamped it by "kissing" it to a blank stamp. I just think these fish are made for each other! Their cute smile makes their smooch so much sweeter.

The next card uses the cats from Tiny Treats, Purr-fect Friend.

I thought that sweet cat needed a best friend, so I reversed the image too. I just love how their tails are curling towards each other. Too cute!

The inside of the cards.

I cut out a hearts nestabilities and framed the outer portion around the white embossed Happy Valentine's Day sentiment.

That's all the cards for today! I have more of these small Tiny Treats valentines to post later as well as some Heart Prints cards. 

Any thoughts you have about the new blog would be greatly appreciated, including constructive feedback. I am still not sure about the blog name, but I like the idea of sunshine, since I live in Florida, the Sunshine State. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Thanks so much for stopping by to take a look at my first post! I really appreciate it. Have a sunny day! :)


Unknown said...

Hey congratulations for having a blog now..:)..I love the title and the background! nicee...and your cards are adorable!

Ted said...

Very cute cards, Monica and I love your blog... I'm honored to be your first follower! :)

Jennifer K said...

Yea for you starting a blog! I still haven't done it. I have a feeling I would do poorly keeping up on posts. I really like your cards and have to try that "kiss" technique.

Nadine said...

Yeah Monica, you have a blog!! The cards are way too cute - love the inside and how you framed the heart!

Diane Jaquay said...

WOOHOO Monica, so glad you have a blog now! It looks great! Your cards are adorable, especially the fish card, I just looooove it!!!

Linda W said...

Love your cards and especially how you reversed the image. What kind of blank stamp did you use? I've seen them in rubber, but is there something in acrylic? Thanks in advance if you can answer this question someway.

Liz said...

Too cute! Congrats on starting up a blog!

Taheerah said...

Cute little cards Monica! The cats one is definitely my favourite - I'm a big cat lover! Great idea to reverse the stamps, works especially well with the fish!

@JoyceCasaldi said...

Monica, cutie card!
With your architect/graphic background I bet your scrapspace will be amazing. My and my dh went to homedepot and did mine in one weekend. And we are so not handy. Let me tell you if a pro looked at it he would fall over. LOL But it serves my purpose. However, I've come to the conclusion you can never have enough storage space.
Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

BethieJ said...

Monica the cards are DARLING!!! I so need to ink up this set!! and your blog looks FABULOUS!!!
Happy New Year!

Kim said...

Cute cards Monica! Your blog looks great. I have had mine for a while now and still have no idea how to create a cool banner and background, so you're miles ahead of me!

Debbie Gaydos said...

Thanks for sharing, these are ADORABLE!! Love the reverse-stamping technique. I've never tried it, but was just thinking about it recently. I'll have to give it a try! :)

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