Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Muse Studio Gift Certificate Giveaway!

Last year, I did a month long series of giveaways in honor of my first blogiversary. I've decided to do another giveaway this year too in honor of my 2nd blogiversary! Since I'm now an A Muse Studio consultant, I thought it'd be fun to do a giveaway of A Muse products. :)

I'm giving away a $25 GCF to my A Muse Studio web store! The link to my web store is here:

This giveaway will be open throughout the rest of January. I will pick a number from the generator on February 1st, when I'll also be announcing the new A Muse 2012 catalog.

Here is what you need to do to enter:

1. Follow this blog, if you aren't already following. Just click the "Join This Site" button to the right!

2. Post a link to this giveaway on your blog, Facebook, Twitter or other social media page. Mention that I'm giving away a gift certificate to A Muse Studio!

3. Comment on this post and include the link(s) to where you posted about it. One comment per person please. 

3. This is optional, but I'd love if you'd sign up for my A Muse Studio newsletter too. It will keep you updated on sales and giveaways. Just send an email to me at: 

Here's a fun twist! For every 50 comments, I will increase the gift certificate amount by $10. So 50 comments will be $35, 100 comments will be $45, 150 comments will be $55, etc. So the more people who comment, the higher the amount!

Here's another nice bonus: this gift certificate is also retroactive, so if you make a purchase from my web store in January and then you win, you can apply it to that order.

If you are new to A Muse Studio, we are a company that sells exclusive products such as cling-mounted rubber stamps, dies, inks, papers and more! You can check out the main catalog HERE. I'm also accepting pre-orders for the new catalog being released on Feb. 1st.

Thanks for entering this giveaway and good luck!! :) If it's successful, I will definitely do it again! Also, check back soon if you have a chance. I'll have some more info about the A Muse inks!

FINE PRINT: The giveaway ends 11:59 pm on January 31, 2012. This giveaway is only open to those with a US mailing address, per A Muse policy. I'll do another non-A Muse giveaway in February that will include International readers! Gift certificate does not include tax and S/H. It can be used on previous orders made in January. You may buy anything from my web store with the certificate and it does not expire. This certificate can be used in combination with any sales A Muse may be offering too!


Sonja said...

This is a great giveaway Monica!! I can't enter but I hope that someday I am able to get some A.Muse products because the look so nice.

Monica K. said...

Sonja, I'm so sorry! I wish you could enter. I'll definitely do another non-A Muse giveaway soon that will include everyone, including International friends too.

Marilyn R. said...

Hi Monica - Great giveaway! I posted it on my facebook page at
Can you add me to the newsletter list?

Monica K. said...

Thanks, Marilyn! I'll add you to the list!

Joyce said...

Hi Monica. What a wonderful giveaway. I'll post a link to it in my next blog post--hopefully later today. I'll be back to let you know.

Colleen Wold said...

Hi Monica! How fun that you are doing this!

Here is a link to my blog:

I would love to be a part of your newsletter too. I think you might have me on the list already, but I will shoot you an email, just in case.

Emma said...

I am already a fan of our blog :) I have posted a link to your giveaway on Twitter
I live in Ireland but I have a US milling address so hope it is ok for me to enter :) I will send on an email for the newsletter too.

Tina said...

Thanks for offering the gift card giveaway on your blogiversary. Congrats on your 2 years.

Denise said...

Woot - woot! I do love A-Muse!! Congrats on your blog-iversary! HUGS.

Unknown said...

Hi Monica, this isn't an entry cuz I don't do social media (although I do subscribe to your blog via Reader!), but I would love to be put on your mailing list for Amuse. I'm very interested in the inks, as I require pigment inks and I don't want to wait anymore for the PTI ones to come out. I've heard the Amuse inks are great (& really enjoyed your blog post with PTI matches). Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I just signed up & would also love to get the newsletter. Unfortunately I don't have a blog so can't repost the info. I am really interested in the inks & sent you an email yesterday with questions. Thanks!

Kathy Mc said...

Congrats on your 2nd blogiversary, Monica! I'm "following" your blog and posted a link on Twitter:!/marblegal/status/164546296886210561

I'll email you to sign up for your A Muse Studio newsletter since reading so much about A Muse. A GC would be the perfect opportunity to give those products a try. Thanks!

Monica K. said...

Nina, I would love to add you to the newsletter! Just send me an email to: and I'll add you to the list!

Lori, I'll be sending your ink chart out shortly! Thanks!

Kathy, thanks so much for signing up!

Unknown said...
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