Monday, August 15, 2011

Curious about A Muse Studio?

Have you been noticing the icon above appearing on some blogs? I thought I'd try to explain what that's all about! In case you all didn't yet know, on July 1st, I signed up as a consultant with A Muse Studio. :) It should be a really exciting opportunity to try out some fun products and to introduce others to crafting and to new and exciting papercrafting items. I know before I signed up as a consultant with A Muse Studio I was a bit confused about the details, so if you are curious, I'll try to explain it the best that I can so you can get a good understanding. So please let me know if you have any questions, but I will try to be as clear as I can! :)

A Muse Studio is a company that sells exclusive, high quality papercrafting related items: stamps, inks, cardstock, ribbons, dies, buttons, you name it! They also sell copics, nesties and other general craft supplies. Their former name was A Muse Artstamps, which began as a stamp store in Seattle in 2000, an internet store in 2007 and is now an at-home business.

A Muse Studio is similar to Stampin' Up, in that they are both consultant-based businesses that sell unique and exclusive stamping products. We do at home workshops and we also sell through our webstores! However, there are differences too. A Muse has a very distinctive modern and whimsical style. Also very importantly for me at least, A Muse Studio does not have any restrictions for its consultants at all, except that you can't be a consultant for another stamping company at the same time. That's it. So I'm free to post about whatever topics and brands that I like! For instance, I will still be posting tons of Papertrey Ink, WMS, Hero Arts, etc. to my blog. I love Papertrey Ink and own a lot that they've released so won't be letting up with that soon, but occasionally you will also see some A Muse in there too now, especially the amazing cardstock and inks!!

So this is how A Muse Studio works!

First of all, the full A Muse Studio catalog is available online to view as a PDF. The link is HERE. I also have some hard copies too, which have the exact same content as the PDF. We have to pay for our catalogs, and they are heavy (must be sent Priority mail), and so I charge $9.95 each to mail it to you. Let me know if you're interested. Otherwise, I'm willing to send one free with any order of $75 or higher.

A Muse just recently announced their new Holiday catalog (which is effective August 22-January 31st). We aren't allowed to post it until August 22nd, but we are allowed to email a PDF of it! If you'd like to take a look, email me at and I'll be happy to send a PDF to you. I can also mail you a hard copy for $4 or it's free with an order of $50 or greater.

If you see something you like and want to place an order, you would need to order through a consultant. You can do so by clicking on the icon to the right of my sidebar or by visiting my webstore link: If it asks, my consultant number is #1303. Once you click on the icon, it will open up a new window and at the top of the screen, it will show you my name and email. To the right of that, it says "Shop Online". If you click on that link it will take you to the main menu of products.

You do not have to contact me in advance, if you'd like to order through the webstore. It is completely automated for you to order.  I would love for you to contact me in advance if you choose so I can help you and also because if you spend over $150, you can get additional free products and discounts, and if you spend over $75, you get 2 free catalogs (the regular and holiday catalogs). I can also answer any questions you might have that way too! I will receive an email once your order is placed. It shows me your name, address and email, but no payment information (that's secure and private).


Each month on the 15th, A Muse announces 5 stamp sets that will be discounted 10 percent off for the entire month (from the 15th-14th of next month). This is called their Spotlight sale! They also have one special assortment pack of 5 cardstock colors that is offered at a discount too. I will announce the new specials on my blog each month, so you will be aware of what's going on.

A Muse is currently in the midst of its traveling event called, "On the Road". This event is open to everyone and is a great opportunity to see A Muse products in person. There will also be Make and Takes.

They are doing them throughout the country, so it's very possible that there might be one close to you! The current events are in the eastern part of the US, for a list of locations, click HERE. If you sign up to go to the event, you also would get a free stamp set. Let me know if you would like details about this fun event!

Shipping within the United States is $6.95 for up to $50. After that, it is 10 percent of your total. 

A Muse Studio does not ship internationally (that includes Canada). I am really sad about this, but there are plans to one day allow this, and I will be sure to let you know the moment it opens up! An exception is that A Muse does ship to APO addresses!

Consultant Details
You may want to consider being a consultant yourself! It is only $99 for a basic starter kit and it is filled with an amazing and generous assortment of great A Muse products to get you started. The $99 kit has over $325 worth of supplies!! Or you can order a deluxe kit for $149 with over $475 worth of supplies. The only difference between the two kits is the price and amount of supplies you get, there is no difference as to what type of consultant you would be.

If you sign up now, you will have a grace period and will have until December 31st to meet your $300 minimum. Each quarter you must meet your $300 minimum. If you decide to sign up as a consultant under me, I will offer you tons of advice and occasionally samplers, etc. too! I'm very involved and will do what I can to answer your questions and to help you out if you need me. Consultants receive a 20 percent discount on their orders and sales. Uplines receive 3 percent of the consultants sales (the Consultant still receives their full 20 percent). A Muse consultants have access to the A Muse Lounge forum, which is filled with tons of advice, inspiration and other friendly consultants. The culture of A Muse consultants is really wonderful, everyone is very nice and supportive of each other!

I hope this has helped to answer any questions you might have about A Muse! I will also be posting some reviews of the wonderful inks, cardstock and more, as well as offering samplers and giveaways, so check back if you can. If you have any additional questions or are curious about more details, ask away in the comments or send me an email at


Joyce said...

Congratulations on your new venture. It sounds very fun for you, and will hopefully give you the flexibility you will need as a new mom.

There was some talk on the PTI forum about some wax packets you made with the seed packet die. Could you possibly post a picture or instructions? I just ordered that little cutie because of the sample you sent me, and now want all of your ideas for that die!

Monica K. said...

Hi Joyce, thanks so much! :) I'm really excited to get started and I'm hoping this will let me spend more time with the baby!

I just saw that posting on the forum about the wax packets. I'll take some pictures today and try to get something posted on my blog soon. You're going to have so much fun with that die! So much you can do with it...

Stephanie said...

Congratulations, Monica! I never knew another company even existed that was similar to SU. I've requested a Christmas catalog via your email and can't wait to look through it. I think you will be great at this!

Monica K. said...

Thanks, Stephanie! :) I just sent a holiday catalog to your email!

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