Saturday, July 2, 2011

Do you Pinterest?

Lately, I've been having a lot of fun with Pinterest. It is such an amazing source of endless inspiration.

Just a little info: Pinterest is a site where you can bookmark your favorite photos. You bookmark the photo from anywhere on the internet, save it to your pin board, then later click on the photo and it will take you directly to the link where you found the photo. You can also bookmark other people's "pins" too. I've found quite a few wonderful tutorials this way and the inspiration is truly endless.

If you'd like to follow my pinboards, my Pinterest account is HERE. I'd love for you to follow my pins! :) Let me know if you'd like to share yours too or email me if you would like an invite to join. Here are some of my favorite links on Pinterest that I've pinned recently.

Love the colors of this nature scene...

Source: via Monica on Pinterest

Books and

Gorgeous fashion...

I love pinning tutorials too. Like how to make your own jewelry using stamps and shrinky dink plastic. Cool!

There are lots of fun products out there too! Such as this road tape. I want to try using this in the baby room (we're doing a transportation theme).

So those are a few pins I've added lately. Thanks for letting me share. :) And sorry for the delay in posting the past month. It has been a very busy month. I'll show you what I have been up to tomorrow! :) There will also be a small giveaway too. Be sure to check back if you can!

Have a sunny day!!


Ann said...

I'm already addicted to my Pintrest boards Monica and spend far too much time pinning! But I really like being able to find a project (or a recipe) that has inspired me easily - much better than looking through my inspiration file on my PC and thinking "now where did I see that!"

Antoinette Seminario-Skinner said...

I love Pinterest, it really is such a great source of inspiration! I am following you now as well.
Hope you are feeling great and your pregnancy is going along smoothly!

Sue Ann said...

I do follow you young lady and I am totally loving that road tape ...... sounds like something I need to look into!!! xoxo

Smilie girl said...

I have had a lovely time checking out all your pins and getting distracted all over the place. Thank you!

Laurie said...

Do I pinterest? Ummm....yes!! I am hooked! Way too hooked! LOL!

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